UFO - Unidentified Flying Object

Advanced Civilization Deep into the Space

Soumyabrata PaulSoumyabrata Paul

'Undefined Flying Object' or commonly known as 'UFO' is undoubtedly one of the most well-known topic to us. Since the beginning of human civilization, we are amazed on objects or matters, which we cannot define. We take the most active part in discussions related to the undefined matters. The eagerness to define the undefined gets boost through these discussions which include a few facts, some imaginations and some exaggerations for sure.

What is UFO? Theoretically, any flying object which we cannot include among the known flying objects, such as - airplane, rocket, helicopter, kite, bird etc, should be called UFO or 'Unidentified Flying Object'. But what we assume is that any flying object that does not belong to earth or not made on earth, should be called a UFO. We have a notion that a UFO must be an extraterrestrial object.

Around the year, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a pilot, reported about a flying object which he saw during his flight. He coined the term 'flying saucer'. The UFO craze exploded just after the end of the 'Second World War'. At that time, various countries were experimenting with new age fighter planes. Some new models were quite different from the usual shape of existing airplanes. Due to security, these sightings were neither confirmed nor explained by the government of the countries. Considering the fact that most of the UFO sighting occurred in the areas, nearby to military bases, people brought the 'Conspiracy Theory' as an explanation to the UFO sightings.

Most of the believers think that the UFO or 'Flying Saucer' is alien in nature. These are the space crafts from planets of some advanced civilizations or life-forms, far from our solar system. Some think that these aliens are willing to contact us and some believes that they are keeping a close watch on us and our activity. Whatever may be the reason, it is assumed to be undeniable that the UFOs are originated from some distant corner in the universe.

With the increasing sightings of UFOs, between 1947 and 1969, United States Air Force (USAF) involved in an investigation on UFO existence, considering the national security. They received a total number of 12,618 reports. Among those, 701 reports (5.6%) were listed as unexplained. USAF concluded that UFOs do not have any indication as a threat of the national security.

Every day, we see new images and videos of UFOs from different parts of the world. Most of them are fakes and were tricked for some publicity. But there are some images and videos, which cannot be ignored as fake. Also we have some genuine eye-witnesses and their statements. Though we do not have any proof till date, but there is a point at which we cannot ignore the existence of UFOs and aliens. We grow more curious to know more about the UFOs. Even if we ignore the thoughts and conclusions of the common people like us, but how can we ignore the discussions of quite a number of well-known personalities, who are known to be the experts in their domain of knowledge.

May be, we shall never get an official explanation of UFOs. May be the supreme powers of the world will never disclose the truth behind the UFO. But UFO enthusiasts will remain unaltered at their faith and we keep indulging ourselves in the discussions or stories of UFO sightings and alien abductions - not necessarily, there must be scientifically proof of the claims.